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The face behind ziwaasili

You asked for it! Here you go...

Most of you might be wondering who the face behind the lactation products is. Her name is Annette Manwa. She is the CEO of Ziwaasili a women led company supporting women's health and wellness through nurturing and nutrition. Ziwaasili sources all it's ingredients local

ly in Kenya thus a proudly Kenyan brand.

Annette is a mom of two boys and a wife. She started Ziwaasili in 2020 out of her own struggle with low milk supply when she had children. She shares knowledge through her own experience and those of other women as they go through their motherhood journey. It started off as a gifting service for new mums then developed into her literally creating the lactation products.

She loves what she does because she gets to support breastfeeding moms to hit their breastfeeding goals and also make their journey easier. One question she always gets asked is when she is bringing a babygirl into this world. Another thing you may not know about her is that she can write calligraphy. She is also a creative person and always does her things abit different and that is what she believes keeps her on the edge.

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